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Sahalsoftware waxay xarumo ku leedahay inta badan magaaloyinka wadan-ka oo wax laga barto.

E-Learning Platform

Waa qayb qofkasta uu wax ka baran-karo meel-kasta oo uu joogo iyo waqti kasta oo uu rabo


Sahal university waa jaamacad tayo leh laguna barto aqoon i tus oo i taabsi ah.

Web Design and Development

Waxaanu samayna Website-kada kal duwan iyo Barmaamiyada lagu shaqeeyo dhamaantodba.

About Us

SAHAL University

Sahal University (SU) is established as one of on the world leading research universities.                        

We have set out our strategic direction in The Way Forward 2020-2021.

Our ambition is doing so we will focus on key areas such as education, Health, research and innovation, internationalization and engagement.

The SU University exists to create and share knowledge and to educate for the benefit of all.  

A world-leading, research-excellent, educationally outstanding university, driven by creativity and curiosity, which fulfils its social, cultural and economic obligations To SU, over the world.

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Maalinkasta oo Sabti Ah

Maalinkasta oo Sabti ahWaxuu samayna bandhig aqooned aanu ugu talo galnay in ay ka faaiidaystan bulshadu Ku gala Soo qayb gal: Zoom ID: 306-983-2912 iyo 1:00 PM

Ardayda ugu saraysay

Waxaanu qabana bilkasta imtixan aqoned aanu ku tijaabinayno ardayda isla markaana waxaanu ka dhigna inta ugu saraysa oo aanu ka dhigno free si aanu dadaal ugu dhiiri galin

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We will educate our students to the very highest Standards and support them through the transition to independent learning.  

The student experience at SU will be a by word for excellence, where students actively participate in their learning experience and Benefit from an environment of top quality research and scholarship. 

We will have a vibrant, growing, and multinational postgraduate community associated with a research led University.  


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