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We host online enviornment for students to expand their learning experience beyond a traditional face to face classroom environment.
We are in the business of changing lives! Lecturer allows you to do that in a scalable and measurable way. Whether you’re a small association or large enterprise, Our eLearning videos allow you to deliver the perfect training in anywhere in the world or anytime you need access.

Sahal University is located in Las Anod and Bossaso.

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Our aim is to provide our staff and students with state-of-the-art facilities within an inspiring and historic setting, to improve opportunities for interdisciplinary working, and to do all of this while minimizing our environmental impact.

Our Visions


Our ambition is doing so we will focus on key areas such as education, Health, research and innovation, internationalization and engagement, we will build on current good practice to provide a positive and enriching student

Our Mission


The Careers Service’s mission is to attract, educate and resource students and employers, to enable them to make the best-informed career decisions.

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